Margot Samel is pleased to announce Stephen Polatch’s first US solo exhibition, Swan-Road. The title of the exhibition draws from the Old English word swan-rād, a kenning for the word “sea,” that is at the same time poetic and literal. Polatch dissolves the complex hierarchy of natural, architectural, and human orders, set within the urban milieu of Glasgow in his new works. His diminutive egg-tempera paintings operate on contrasting registers. He mixes his pigments together on the surface of the canvas to yield tender depictions of the micro and mundane, yet often the harmony of his compositions is unsettled by disorienting vantage points and surreal twists. Polatch’s works combine a wide range of historical references: from the lyricism and symbolic imagery of medieval illuminated manuscripts, the brilliant lighting of Les Nabis, to the repetitive mechanics of Futurism—within the interconnected systems of Polatch’s compositions is the promise, the rushing fluidity, of discovering the new in the familiar.